Saturday, August 22, 2015

What is pityriasis alba, symptoms, causes and homeopathy treatment

Handling Pityriasis alba with the assistance of homeopathy
Skin disease is of various types, some are self curing and some need best treatment at the earliest. Homeopathy has great treatment to any type of disease and also has proved the same in ample cases. This treatment is completely different in form and has proved itself in the world of medicine. Skin disease are very common in many a people, have you heard about Pityriasis Alba Treatment do you know what is pityriasis alba? In the field of homeopathy it is also known as Tinea alba. This is a type of skin disease and it is a self-limiting disease, most of the cases they don’t need any medicine or treatment. 
Figure out the symptoms of pityriasis alba
Pityriasis alba is a skin disease generally found in kids and young adults, it appears on the face or any part of the body in the form of patches round or oval hypo-pigmented. No worries because it is not contagious and self limiting skin disease. There is no specific cause for the formations of this disease. This is can occur due to some minor factors like humid climate, heavy heat, due to dry skin, may be also due to worms and parasites .It occurs due to deficiency of vitamins and calcium , stress also leads to these kinds of patches. Soaps also leads to skin diseases, detergents also lead to this pityriasis alba. It appears as patches of 1.4cm likely with scales on the face. Sometimes it may lead to itching, that should be avoided, because it will increase the same or may lead to any other infections. Generally these patches appear on the cheeks, forehead, around the mouth parts, on the chin and even shoulders and chest. In summers it aggravates because the skin around the patch gets tanned due to exposing to the sun. Generally it last for six to twelve months and often occurs at the time of puberty or when the child reaches the adulthood age. 
Simple remedy and care to be given to pityriasis Alba
There is no great treatment needed for this skin problem, it goes off by itself. Some nominal care has to be given like no exposing the skin to harsh sunlight. The most important part is swimming has to be avoided, because chlorine in the water will lead to tanning of the skin. Applying of moisturizer will be the basic treatment for Pityriasis Alba Treatment or you can go for sunscreen lotions if they become prominent when exposed to sun. If itching and redness keep persisting then mild steroid creams can be applied on the same. Homeopathy treatment for any skin disease will be recommended if it does not self-recover in three months. Pityriasis Alba is very well a resistance skin problem and recovery may take some time. In general Bacillinum sourced from tubercular organism is a safe and recommended for treating any type of resistant disease like viral or fungus on the skin, this will give relief from the skin issues in just six weeks. So if necessary they can be used on or else natural treatment will work wonders on anyone.

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